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Marinka 2

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The kayak price: 48 200 rubles

Number of seats Payload
+/ +/ + 250 kg
Length Weight
4.7 m 17 kg

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Marinka 2" — the perfect kayak for water approaches different category complexity — ranging from weekend voyage and ending with serious expeditionon the rivers until 4th category complexity. In all cases kayak will you reliable and easy movement on the water.

The strength and stiffness are provided by rod locks on the frames, ending guardrails and bulwark. One of advantages of kayaks "Marinka-2” is the lightweight. All kayaks series "Marinka" are one of the light in its class. This allows you to use them in long mountain expedition, where weight is very important!

Like all of our boats it can be used with the open deck.


  • high speed
  • strength
  • capaciousness
  • controllability
  • light weight
  • the loops for the attachment of the cargo on deck
  • build time : 20 minutes
  • 2 years warranty


Class of boat kayak
Number of seats 2
Payload 250 kg
Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 4,7 0,78 0,35 m
Packaging 0,4 0,2 1.3 m
Paddle no
Sprayskirt 2
Cargo cover no
Multipurpose seat-back yes
Full-time seat yes
Protective mat no
The loops for the attachment of the cargo on deck yes
Safety equipment no
Packaging yes
Instruction yes

4 ribs and 2 crosspiece, keelson, bulwark and one line stringers, soft shell with closed deck, protected by a special protector along keelson and stem (stern).



The frames (skeleton): aluminium alloy D16T, knee: polyethylene with steel core; locks are made of stainless steel. Stringers set: luminium alloy D16T.

Shell bottom — PVC 900-950 g/m² (France, Finland, Belgium) 
deck —  PVC 600 and 650 g/m²
Inflatable items (ballons) Nylon with PU coated
Packaging OxfordPVC 600D